A DIY broiler pan setup with a baking sheet and an oven-safe cooling rack elevated inside

How to Make a DIY Broiler Pan (and When to Buy One)

A slotted broiler pan is a valuable kitchen tool, but if you don’t have one on hand, there are ways to achieve similar results with a little DIY ingenuity. Let’s explore how to create a makeshift broiler pan and when it might be better to invest in the real deal.

DIY Broiler Pan Method

  1. The Base: Start with a sturdy baking sheet or roasting pan to catch drippings. Ideally, choose one with raised sides to contain grease.
  2. Create the Rack: You’ll need something to elevate your food. Here are a few options:
    • Oven-Safe Cooling Rack: Place a smaller cooling rack inside the baking sheet.
    • Aluminum Foil: Crumple several sheets of heavy-duty aluminum foil into thick ropes and arrange them in a grate-like pattern on the baking sheet.
    • Upside-Down Oven-Safe Bowl (Smaller Items): For smaller pieces of meat or vegetables, you can flip over an oven-safe bowl and place your food directly on top.

Important Considerations

  • Stability: Make sure your rack substitute is stable and won’t collapse under the weight of the food.
  • Safety: Be certain all materials you use are oven-safe and can withstand high heat from the broiler.
  • Cleanup: If you use foil, be prepared for some extra scrubbing!

When Does a DIY Broiler Pan Work?

  • Infrequent Use: If you only occasionally broil, a DIY solution can work in a pinch.
  • Smaller Portions: DIY methods are best for smaller amounts of food where stability isn’t a major issue.
  • Budget-Friendly Alternative: This is a good workaround if you’re testing out broiling before committing to purchasing a pan.

Why You Might Want a Real Broiler Pan

  • Superior Drainage: Purpose-made broiler pans have slots designed for optimal fat drainage, resulting in crispier food.
  • Even Cooking: The raised inserts promote even heat circulation around the food.
  • Easy Cleanup: Most broiler pans are nonstick or stainless steel for easier cleaning.
  • Durability: A good broiler pan will withstand years of high-heat cooking.

Alternatives to a Broiler Pan

  • Cast Iron Skillet: Cast iron holds heat superbly and provides fantastic searing. Be sure to preheat it for the best results.
  • Outdoor Grill: If weather permits, your grill offers the authentic smoky charbroiled flavor associated with broiling.

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