Miracle-Gro All Purpose Garden Soil Review: Is it a Gardening Game-Changer?

Miracle-Gro is a household name in gardening, and their All Purpose Garden Soil promises robust growth for flowers, vegetables, and all your in-ground planting needs. But does it live up to the hype? Let’s dig in!

What’s in the Bag?

Miracle-Gro All Purpose Garden Soil contains a mix of:

  • Composted forest products
  • Sphagnum peat moss
  • Plant food (designed to feed for up to 3 months)
  • Other ingredients to aid moisture retention


  • Widely Available and Affordable:ᅠEasy to find at garden centers and big-box stores.
  • Versatile:ᅠSuitable for a wide range of plants and gardens.
  • Nutrient Boost:ᅠThe included plant food gives seedlings and transplants a head start.
  • Improves Soil Texture:ᅠCreates a good environment for plants to thrive.


  • May Not be Ideal for Organic Gardening:ᅠContains synthetic fertilizer.
  • Some Reviews Mention Inconsistencies:ᅠOccasionally, bags could contain debris like sticks.
  • Environmental Considerations:ᅠThe use of peat moss has some environmental concerns.

Experience and Results

I’ve used Miracle-Gro All Purpose Garden Soil for several seasons in both raised beds and container gardening. My plants consistently perform well, with vibrant blooms and hearty vegetable harvests. While it’s not perfect, the ease of use and results outweigh the cons for me.

The Verdict

Miracle-Gro All Purpose Garden Soil is a dependable choice for many gardeners. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use soil amendment that delivers results at a good price point, it’s worth trying. However, if you prioritize fully organic gardening, you might want to consider specialized organic soil mixes.

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