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Slice and Dice Like a Pro: The Best Kitchen Slicers of 2024

Upgrade your kitchen skills and save precious time with the perfect kitchen slicer. Whether you’re prepping crisp salads, even veggie chips, or intricate garnishes, there’s a slicer in 2024 designed to make your life easier.

Top Slicer Types to Knowpen_spark

  • Mandoline Slicers: The classic choice, ideal for creating even slices of various thicknesses. Look for these upgrades in 2024:
    • Enhanced blade adjustability, including ripple and waffle cuts.
    • Integrated safety shields for added protection.
  • Spiralizers: The go-to for veggie noodles, ribbons, and fun garnishes. 2024 models feature:
    • Multiple blade sizes for everything from fine “angel hair” to thick spirals.
    • Storable blade systems for compact organization.
  • Electric Food Slicers: Excellent for consistent slices of meats, cheeses, and breads. Modern versions offer:

Best Brands in 2024

  • MuellerLiving:ᅠReliable, budget-friendly options with a focus on safe and user-friendly mandolines.
  • OXO Good Grips:ᅠKnown for their comfortable grip and thoughtfully designed tools. Their slicer collection includes excellent multi-blade spiralizers.
  • Kyocera:ᅠTheir ceramic blades are razor-sharp and stay sharp for ages. A top choice if you value longevity.
  • Benriner:ᅠThe favorite for professional-grade mandolines. Their Japanese-style blades are unmatched for precision slicing.
  • Progressive International:ᅠA great value pick, offering a range of slicers with innovative features and competitive pricing.

Choosing the Right Slicer

Consider these factors when making your decision:

  • Your Needs:ᅠDo you crave variety in cuts, or mainly need a tool for consistent slicing?
  • Safety Features:ᅠPrioritize models with protective handguards and sturdy bases.
  • Storage:ᅠIf you’re short on space, look for compact models with space-saving blade storage.

Ready to Slice?

With the right kitchen slicer, meal prep becomes a breeze (and your dishes more impressive!).

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